Speeding crackdown on Notts roads

Latest speed camera locations.
Latest speed camera locations.
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Mobile speed cameras will be out across Nottinghamshire in the week commencing Monday, July 31:

* A52(T) Clifton Boulevard, Nottingham, 40mph area;

* A60 Carlton in Lindrick/Costhorpe;

* A60 Nottingham Road, Mansfield;

* A60, Spion Kop;

* A608 Church Lane, Brinsley;

* A609 Ilkeston Road, Trowell;

* A609 Ilkeston Road/Wollaton Road/Russell Drive/Trowell Road, Nottingham;

* A611 Hucknall Road, Nottingham;

* A612 Main Road, Upton;

* A616, Ompton;

* A6002, Bilborough Road, Nottingham;

* A6117 Old Mill Lane, Mansfield;

* A6200/A52 Derby Road, Nottingham;

* B686 Carlton Hill, Carlton;

* B6018 Sutton Road, Kirkby;

* Church Hill, Kirkby;

* Clifton Road, Ruddington;

* Nottingham Road/Portland Road/Annesley Road, Hucknall;

* Radford Boulevard/Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham;

* Spital Hill/Leverton Road, Retford.

For more, see www.nottspeed.com