South Yorkshire residents urged to take part in survey on rural crime and anti-social behaviour

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South Yorkshire residents are being urged to have their say on crime and anti-social behaviour in rural areas in a new national survey.

The questionnaire is being carried out across the country to find out how the police can better serve rural communities.

It has been put together by the National Rural Crime Network, which wants people who work or live in rural areas to come forward and give their views on policing in their community and the impact crime and anti-social behaviour has on them and their neighbours.

Julia Mulligan, Chairman of the NRCN, said: “The full scale of crime in rural areas has never before been assessed.

“Whilst official figures show rural crime, like crime in general, is decreasing, we are concerned about the wider implications on people and communities.

“The fear of crime can be as detrimental to people’s wellbeing as crimes themselves, so we are keen to find out more through this survey.

“Our aim is to build a clear picture of the issue to shape future delivery of services locally and nationally.

By completing the survey, people can really have their say on how crime affects them and what they expect from local police and their partners involved in community safety.

“While average crime rates do tend to be higher in urban areas, tackling rural crime comes with its own specific challenges whether that be the ability of police forces to respond quickly or the scale of crimes which may go unreported. This survey is an important step towards delivering a better service to communities and making the countryside a safer place to live and work.”

To complete the survey, visit