South Yorkshire Police in cyber crime crackdown

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South Yorkshire Police is using this week to highlight the risks of cyber crime.

In a ‘week of action’ the force is giving out online tips and safety messages all week using the hashtag #combatcybercrime.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Singleton, the force lead on cyber crime, said: “Nationally up to 80 per cent of cyber crime is preventable if simple security practices are adhered to.

“As part of the week of action we will look educate and increase the awareness of the public about online security as this is the key to combating this crime.

“We will also target those individuals who use the internet to prey on some of the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society.”

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime include always using inbuilt computer Firewalls and reputable anti-virus software.

Passwords should also be kept secret and computer users should never click on links in emails, or open attachments, even if they appear to be from those they know, unless they are confident they are safe.