South Yorkshire man tells court rape of nine-year-old girl ‘did not happen’

Jason Garside at Sheffield Crown Court
Jason Garside at Sheffield Crown Court

A Rotherham man denies raping a nine-year-old girl – saying it could not have happened as she did not enter the house where she says it took place.

Jason Garside denies rape and several counts of indecent assault between 1989 and 1994 against the girl, who is now aged in her 30s, in a village near Maltby.

The court heard Garside was aged 19 at the time of the alleged offences.

Garside, now 43, told Amanda Denton, defending at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday, that he ‘did not know’ the age of the complainant, but did say he knew her from ‘hanging around the village’.

Garside, of Thicket Drive, Maltby, denies tying up and raping the complainant at his house when they went to pump up a football.

He said his mother was in the kitchen at the time the alleged offence and he ‘asked her for the garage keys’.

He said: “I went to get the keys to the garage and got the pump and blew the football up.”

When asked where the complainant was at this point, Garside said: “She waited on the drive, she did not go inside the house at all.”

When asked if he raped the complainant at his house, Garside said: “No, nothing like that at all.

“Like I said, she did not come into the house, she waited on the drive while I got the keys for the garage to get the pump to blow the football up.”

He said that after they pumped up the football, they returned to the field where they played.

Garside also denies washing her down after the alleged rape, saying he ‘didn’t have a shower’ at the house.

Garside also denies another charge of sexually assaulting the girl in a derelict shed where they played hide and seek. He said he waited for a friend to return from his house and chatted to the complainant.

Garside said: “We were just talking about general stuff, day-to-day life.”

The trial continues.