Second chance for Worksop man who ‘spiralled’ into hard drugs and crime

A Worksop man whose life spiralled into hard drug abuse and shoplifting at the age of 42 after his marriage broke down has been given a "second chance," a court has heard.

Timothy Elliott stole Lynx deodorant from B&M Bargains, on October 26 and 30, which put him in breach of a conditional discharge imposed for two previous thefts, said prosecutor Andrew Conboy.

"How on earth do you get to the age of 42 years of age and then start shoplifting?" asked Pamela Coxon, mitigating.

She explained Elliott suffers from long-term mental health issues but, "being a local man he's not sought any help," and dealt with them instead by using cannabis.

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"But one thing leads to another," she said. "The occasional bit of cannabis turned into the occasional bit of heroin."

Elliott's 25-year relationship ended in September last year, Ms Coxon said, and he lost his job, contact with his three children, and found himself homeless.

He was in a "difficult place" between December and May, she said, and received a conditional discharge for thefts in June.

Since then he has found accomodation with the YMCA, but "fell off the wagon."

"Some would say he's thrown that conditional discharge back in your face," said Ms Coxon. "But he did try. Everyone deserves a chance. Things don't change overnight."

Elliott, of Queen Street, Worksop, was fined £120, with £85 court costs and a £34 surcharge. He was ordered to pay £39 compensation for the deoderant he stole.

No action was taken on the conditional discharge.

The presiding magistrate told him: “You need to take this chance. It’s unlikely you will get a third.”