Road rage attack on off-duty police officer left Bassetlaw man with injuries

A Bassetlaw man who launched a flurry of blows against an off-duty cop after a road rage incident was left with injuries himself when the officer fought back, a court heard.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 4th June 2018, 11:42 am
Updated Monday, 4th June 2018, 11:47 am
Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

John Kaye stopped his Ford Ranger pick-up truck on the A60 outside Langold after passing PC Daniel Gilbert, who was cycling with his cousin at 4pm on April 26.

When the officer asked him what the matter was, Kaye stuck his head out of the window and tried to hit him, said prosecutor Robert Carr.

Kaye, the court heard, said “pull into the cafe down there and we will sort this out like men”.

The officer said he had done nothing wrong and rode off, while his cousin advised Kaye: “He’s a cop, leave it.”

Two hours later, in Carlton-in-Lindrick, Kaye approached the officer outside the chip shop and shouted obscenities.

“The officer tried to explain it was a minor incident, said Mr Carr. “Mr Kaye got angrier and gritted his teeth.

“Without warning he hit the officer in the face six or seven times with his left and right fists.”

The officer grabbed Kaye by the collar and pushed him up against the wall, then identified himself as a police officer, and arrested him.

When Kaye raised his right hand, PC Gilbert kneed him in the groin.

The officer was left with a swollen and reddened face, and attended hospital because he suffered from headaches, but no permanent damage was found.

Barry Cuttle, mitigating, said the officer went “over the top, no question”.

He said the incident was sparked because the two cyclists were riding abreast and “wavering all over carriageway” and the officer made a hand gesture.

He said Kaye, a self-employed builder and father-of-five, had no previous convictions and was of exemplary character.

He said Kaye hit the officer two or three times, and members of the public came forward and dragged the officer off Kaye, rather than vice versa.

He said Kaye had been kneed more than once, showed the court pictures of his injuries, and said he had been referred to hospital for tests because he has been passing blood.

“Whether he is damaged for life, I know not,” Mr Cuttle said. “There may be irreparable damage to certain parts of his anatomy.”

Kaye, 41, of Greenway, Carlton-in-Lindrick, admitted assault by beating when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court on Friday.

Deputy district judge Steven Jonas told Kaye it was a sustained attack which could attract up to 26 weeks in prison.

“It was aggravated by the fact that at the time, you knew he was a police officer,” he said, but added that his lack of previous convictions, and the fact it was an isolated incident, mitigated the offence.

He fined Kaye £1,291, and ordered him to pay £100 compensation, as well as £85 costs and a £170 government surcharge.