Quick-thinking Nottinghamshire police officers to star in next episode of Cops UK: Bodycam Squad

PCs James Gill and Richard Elliott.
PCs James Gill and Richard Elliott.

Quick-thinking police officers saving a man's life after he jumped into a fast flowing river will be among the incidents screened in the next episode of Cops UK: Bodycam Squad on Monday night.

PCs James Gill and Richard Elliott were deployed following concerns for a man's safety.

PC Gill said: "We got a call from the Environment Agency which was in the area doing some activity around illegal fishing. They came across a man who was in emotional distress and engaged with him until we arrived.

"We continued to engage with him but he suddenly jumped into the fast-flowing river.

"He couldn’t swim but fortunately he landed on a rocky ledge so didn’t go completely under the water. Had he gone fully under we might not have been able to save him.

"I thought we needed to get to him quickly otherwise we might not get to him at all. It was a high pressure situation but that’s what we thrive on.

"We carried on talking to him and managed to coax him over to the edge of the river where we were. He eventually reached out and we formed a human chain to pull him out.

"He’d been in the water for about five minutes and was completely soaked. We kept him warm until the Street Triage Team arrived. They sat down with him, talked to him and gave him advice and support before we took him home to safety.

"We’ve engaged with him since and he is doing a lot better. He’s told us that he has been in contact with support services that are helping him to get through the problems he has been having."

PC Gill added: "I’m looking forward to see this incident and various others shown in the next episode of Cops UK: Bodycam Squad on Monday night.

"It’s nice to be seen doing something out of the ordinary and to show people another side of policing and how we help people.

"I’m also pleased that this incident highlights the work of the Street Triage Team which has helped so much since it was set up, by making sure people get the most appropriate help that they need."

Monday night's episode airs at 9pm on UKTV channel 'Really' (on Sky 142 or Freeview 17).

Viewers will also see officers pursuing a suspicious vehicle after being spotted in the Chilwell area by Broxtowe officers PCs Keith Parkes and Joe Tennyson.

Fast forward ten minutes and the pursuit has now turned into cross-border operation involving Nottinghamshire Police and Derbyshire Police.

A police helicopter assists with the search and a police dog and handler play a key role as the incident unfolds.

The episode will also feature PCs Nadiene Clark and Matt Bower attending a disturbance in Forest Fields, PCs Keith Parkes and Joe Tennyson literally sniffing out a cannabis grow in Bilborough and PC James Gill investigates after being called to a disturbance in Rise Park.

Tune in at 9pm on Monday on the Really channel to catch the new episode.