Prolific Worksop shoplifter jailed

A Worksop man has been jailed after continuing to steal despite previous warnings from the police.

Sunday, 13th June 2021, 10:30 am

Andrew Merritt, 31, of Cheapside, Worksop was sentenced to a total of six months imprisonment when he attended court on June 8.

Merritt was first arrested on June 4, when he was stopped in the town centre by local PCSO's pushing a trolley full of stolen goods. He was eventually charged with six counts of shop theft and given a four month suspended custodial sentence.

On June 7, police from the Town Centre Beat Team at Worksop responded to a message over the Shopwatch radio regarding suspicious activity.

Andrew Merritt

Merritt was subsequently stopped on Watson Road with more stolen gear, which was found to belong to a local store.

Merritt was charged with shop theft and remanded to appear at court. Merritt was given a further two months for the most recent offence and the four months suspended sentence was also activated.

PC 3564 Glenn Turner said: "Merritt is a prolific shoplifter who was given a chance by the courts, unfortunately he did not take the chance afforded to him and carried on stealing.

"If we had not have got him when we did I suspect he would have committed more offences. The information provided to us by Shopwatch was key in making this arrest and we are thankful for the continued support in making the scheme a success."

Phillip Jackson Shopwatch chairman said: "This incident is a perfect example of a Shopwatch member working closely with the police and passing information via Shopwatch radio to help bring an offender to justice.

"We have a good working relationship with the police and will always pass on any information we have.

"Worksop town centre is covered by CCTV so offenders need to be aware that once a crime has been committed and our member has put out a radio alert they can be on camera within seconds and monitored until the police arrive."

Advice from Nottinghamshire Police on how to protect your business from robbery include keep a record of all suspicious incidents and advertise the security systems that are in place.