Police in South Yorkshire use new orders to protect victims of domestic abuse

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Around 40 victims of domestic abuse have avoided further attacks thanks to new Domestic Violence Prevention Orders issued in South Yorkshire.

Six months after the county’s police force started to use the orders, 49 have been applied for and 38 granted.

Officers can apply for an order if they believe a perpetrator will continue to be violent towards a victim.

When officers are called to a domestic incident and there is evidence of violence, officers can seek to issue a Domestic Violence Protection Notice, which is valid for 48 hours.

Offenders then have to attend court and officers can apply for a Domestic Violence Prevention Order, banning them from having any contact with their victims for 28 days.

Breaching the order can result in prosecution.

Sergeant Suzanne Bluck, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “We are continually searching out innovative and new ways to protect victims of domestic abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention Orders offered us another opportunity to safeguard victims against violence.

“We would always prefer to secure a restraining order, to give victims long-term protection from their abusers, but in some cases this simply isn’t possible and the orders provide us with a short-term, supportive solution that gives the victims precious time and space to consider their future.

“The good thing about the orders is that they don’t require the victim’s consent, which can be very difficult to obtain when they are terrified of the repercussions of pursuing prosecution. We take the decision off them and we make that choice, in a bid to protect them from any further harm.”

Call 101 to report abuse or 0808 2000 247 for support.