Police in South Yorkshire in bid to thwart terrorism

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Police will deliver security briefings with retailers and transport operators this week in a national week of action aimed at making it more difficult for terrorists to strike.

As part of National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week police and partner agencies will also be running operations to identify and disrupt terrorist activity or criminal efforts which may help to fund or support terrorism.

Chief Superintendent Rachel Barber said: “In August the threat to the UK from International Terrorism was increased to ‘severe’.

“While there is currently no specific intelligence of an attack on the UK, or South Yorkshire, it is vital we ensure we are in the best possible position to prevent and detect any potential terrorist threats.

“Members of the public and the business community have a particularly important role to play went it comes to recognising suspicious activity and reporting it to police. Those who work in, or visit, crowded places are often best placed to recognise the early signs that something is wrong.

“We want them to know what to do if they suspect something is out of the ordinary and how to protect themselves and others should the worst happen.”