Police fail to catch crooks in 80% of Nottinghamshire burglary cases

More than 80% of household burglaries in Nottinghamshire are closed without police identifying a suspect, data reveals.

Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 2:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 5:33 pm

The Police Federation says urgent funding is needed to reverse a situation which is "soul-destroying" for officers, as well as concerning for residents.

Home Office figures show that of the 4,459 residential burglaries reported to Nottinghamshire Police in 2018-19, 84% were closed with the outcome listed as "investigation complete – no suspect identified".

In 3% of cases, a suspect was identified and the victim supported an investigation but "evidential difficulties prevented further action", while a further 4% of cases were closed because the victim declined or was unable to support any further investigation.

Notts police failed to catch the raider in 80% of burglaries.

Just 6% of residential burglaries reported to Nottinghamshire Police last year resulted in someone being charged or summoned to court, down from 7% in the previous year.

Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Broadhead, Nottinghamshire’s burglary lead, said: "Burglary is a priority for Nottinghamshire Police. It is an impactful and upsetting crime and we want to continue to do all we can to pursue offenders and bring them to justice as well as providing the best level of service we can to victims.

"The force is outperforming the rest of country, both regionally and nationally, on burglary which is down eight per cent compared to a four per cent decrease nationally and six per cent regionally.

"Our success in reducing burglary follows the introduction of two dedicated burglary teams covering the city and county areas which are helping to drive the figures down. 

"We are also seeing a further 107 new police officers joining our force by the end of March which will build on this success.

"We thoroughly investigate reports of burglaries but in some instances there can be situations where there's no suspect identified for an offence. This could be if there are no evidential leads to investigate a crime, such as no CCTV or forensic opportunities.”

"We would appeal for anyone who has any information about burglaries to contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111,” he added.