Notts: Police launch online Track My Crime service for victims

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Notts Police is using a new computer system to keep victims of crime updates.

Track My Crime Notts, which launched yesterday (Tuesday), has been designed to offer victims of crime an additional way to communicate with the officer investigating their case.

The easy to use messaging system means anyone with basic computer skills, an internet connection and email address can use it.

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Torr said: “This system opens up another form of communication between our officers and victims of crime, which is efficient and effective.”

“It allows us to keep victims fully informed about the progress of their investigation and saves officers time, meaning we can improve our service to the public even further.”

“Victim satisfaction is so important to us and anything that helps us make our service better is crucial.”

Notts Police has a higher than average score for victim satisfaction with a rate of 87.1 per cent for the year up to November 2013.

“But the force is determined to make that figure higher and Track My Crime Notts should help us do that. We want every victim we deal with to be pleased with the service they receive,” added ACC Torr.

The secure system allows officers to update victims with information at any time of the day, meaning that those on a night shift can still keep victims updated easily.

ACC Torr said: “We are, however, aware that this system will not suit everyone. That is why it is being offered to victims alongside all of our other methods of communication.”

“It is not the only way of getting updates. If you do not have easy computer or Smartphone access, do not feel capable or simply do not want to use the system we are still committed to keeping you up to date with the progress of the investigation into your crime via the traditional methods.”

Every investigating officer is being trained to use the system, which is being rolled out across the force.

If you have been a victim of a crime and would like to be updated via the system contact the officer investigating your case.