Notts man who 'repeatedly punched woman' is jailed for three years

A Notts man who "repeatedly punched a woman" and hit her in the head has been jailed for three years after he was found guilty of domestic abuse charges.

Reuben Commons, 22 years of no fixed address, was convicted of actual bodily harm after he assaulted a woman numerous times hit her with a metal hoover attachment.

Reuben Commons.

Reuben Commons.

Her head was also held under water in a bath. She was also previously strangled and was threatened with an iron.

The sentencing relates to an incident on April 2, 2018, where Commons assaulted a woman in the early hours at a house in Bestwood, Nottingham.

After a period of evading the police, Commons was subsequently located and arrested on 11 October 2018.

He was subsequently charged with this offence in February 2019.

Detective Constable Michael Powis said: "Although this attack was particularly gratuitous, the strong sentence reflects the fact that domestic violence cases are taken seriously both by the police and the courts.

"The sentence will hopefully give confidence to those who are experiencing domestic violence to seek help from the police."