Man jailed after revenge hammer attack in Gainsborough bar

Matthew Brumby, 45, has been jailed for nine months after attacking a doorman at Xtra in Gainsborough, with a hammer
Matthew Brumby, 45, has been jailed for nine months after attacking a doorman at Xtra in Gainsborough, with a hammer

A VIOLENT hammer attack that saw a doorman taken to hospital has landed a Gainsborough man in jail.

Matthew Brumby, from Enderby Crescent, Gainsborough has been jailed for nine months after a ‘revenge attack’ on a doorman in Xtra on Lord Street back in May.

Xtra, Lord Street, Gainsborough.

Xtra, Lord Street, Gainsborough.

Now, local police hope that Brumby’s sentence will send a clear warning to others when drinking during the festive period.

Appearing before Lincoln Corwn Court on Friday 16th December, the 45-year-old admitted charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon as a result of the incident in the early hours of 7th May this year, as the court heard how Brumby lost his temper after being roused by the doorman at Xtra Bar, where he was found slumped in a chair with his head on a table.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, told the court that Brumby was asked to leave but refused saying he was with his wife who was on the dance floor.

Brumby then demanded an apology from the doorman and then left before returning from his home armed with a hammer - which he then used to attack doorman Alan Bruce.

Mr Howes said: “Mr Bruce was dealing with a distressed female just inside the doorway.”

“He suddenly became aware from the reflection in the window of a fist coming towards his back.”

He added: “That was the defendant delivering a blow with the hammer.”

Brumby then shouted “I hadn’t fallen asleep” before telling the doorman “I’m going to kill you”.

A disc jockey then disarmed the attacker, before Brumby was arrested.

His victim was left in considerable pain and was later treated at Scunthorpe Hospital for an injury to his back and breathing problems.

Mr Bruce had to return to hospital the following day following further problems.

Brumby later told police that he was very drunk and was annoyed at being asked to leave the premises.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, defending, said that Brumby was normally a hard-working and decent man who acted out of character.

“He is at a complete loss as to how it was that he came to behave in this way. He cannot remember anything about it,” he said.

“He had far too much to drink. He asked the doorman for an apology and didn’t get one.”

“In a moment of madness, he then decided to do what he he did.”

Mr Cranmer-Brown said Brumby risked losing his job at a power station if he was given an immediate jail sentence.

Judge Sean Morris told Brumby that a jail term was the only option and he needed to send a warning to others.

“Although you have a good job and are ordinarily a decent individual I am of the view that my public duty demands that such actions result in a custodial sentence,” said Rt Hon Morris.

He added: “That must be immediate in order to deter others.”

Jemma Peacock from Lincolnshire Police said: “A detailed and professional investigation has brought this man to court and we hope the conviction sends a clear message to any would be offenders especially over the festive period where we can see an increase in violent offences.”

A spokesman from Xtra refused to comment.