Jail for Retford woman who stole to fund heroin habit

A Retford drug user who kept stealing to fund her heroin habit has been jailed after squandering chances offered by the court.

By Court Reporter
Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 5:06 pm
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Latest court news...

Anne Fitzpatrick took two bottles of gin from B&M, on January 24, meat from Asda, on April 3, laundry products and food from Home Bargains, on May 2, coffee and washing liquid from the Morrisons filling station, and £57 of goods from the Esso garage, on May 6.

The court heard the thefts were the second breach of her post-sentence supervision, following her release from prison.

Probation officer Sarah Todd said: "She has been given every opportunity to comply but has shown wilful non-compliance."

Deborah Bell, mitigating, said Fitzpatrick was given a second chance to stay out of custody on March 19, when a 12 week suspended sentence was imposed.

"She does want to get off drugs," she said. "She is fully aware of what she needs to do, but finds it very difficult to put it into practise.

"She is in a relationship with someone who is also a drug user, which makes it all the more difficult. She knows that she needs to get herself stabilised."

The court heard she tested positive for cocaine at the police station, and owes £644 to courts in South Yorkshire, £150 in Lincolnshire, and £770 in Nottinghamshire.

Fitzpatrick, 46, of no fixed abode, admitted the five thefts, and the breach of the court order, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Wednesday.

She was given 24 weeks for the six offences, and the 12 week suspended sentence was activated, making a total of 36 weeks in prison.

She was ordered to pay a £115 government surcharge, but no costs or compensation were awarded because of her means.