Graffiti vandals deface Worksop Church

Graffiti on St Paul's Church Manton
Graffiti on St Paul's Church Manton

Vandals have defaced the doors windows and flagstones at a Worksop church

Vandals left childish black marker pen graffiti scrawled on the door at St Paul's Church Manton .

The damage was revealed in a post on the church Facebook page on Sunday morning.

The church spokesman posted:

"This morning, we saw that our church doors, windows and the flagstones outside the church, had been vandalised.

"We’re really sad to see it, as we’ve been trying to leave our gates open, to make our church look more welcoming, but it’s really hard, if when we do, this happens!

£If anyone can give us advice on how to remove it, or is able to offer their services to do it, we’d be so grateful"