‘Dob in a Dealer’ as Worksop Police crackdown on drugs


POLICE are cracking down on drugs in Worksop - and you can help too.

Over the past few weekends, a joint operation between the Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Bassetlaw District Council’s Community Safety team has been tackling illegal drugs use in Worksop Town Centre.

Police are also inviting residents to ‘Dob in a Dealer’.

By working with the managers and landlords of local pubs, the Council’s Morpho detection machine, which detects a number of illegal drugs, has been used to test a number of swabs that were taken on the premises.

Louise Elliot from the anti-social behaviour unit, said: “The initial results showed that all but one of 13 pubs tested positive for illegal drugs, mostly cocaine but we also had positive results for heroin.”

She added: “All landlords were positive in their attitude to the operation and they all agreed to support the next phase.”

On the evening of Saturday 24th March, the teams used the same machine to test people for the presence of illegal drugs whilst visiting pubs around Worksop. Between 7pm and 2am over 100 people were tested by the team and one person was searched on the basis of the results, while several smaller positive results were found and people were questioned, but no arrests were made.”

Community Safety Co-ordinator Gerald Connor said: “We’d like to thank all those managers and landlords who have cooperated with the teams so far.”

“We believe the operation is being successful. It is to be continued on a regular basis in Worksop and it will also be extended to pubs in Retford, as part of an on-going initiative to actively manage drugs out of the town centres and make the night time economy safer and more enjoyable for all.”

Sergeant Simon Spooner added: “We will not tolerate any activity involving illegal drugs in Worksop and will act swiftly and robustly on any information we receive.”

“With compliance from business managers and landlords, and with the help of the public, we will arrest the perpetrators and take them and these deadly substances off our streets.”

To report any suspicious activity or to ‘Dob in Dealer’ call Notts Police on 101 or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.