Dealer gets jail

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POLICE found drugs and hundreds of pounds in bank notes hidden behind pictures on a wall at the home of a 20-year-old youth.

Jay Retallic, of Kilton Road, has been jailed for four years for dealing in order to pay off his own drug debts.

He was on bail on 10th August last year when two pictures were removed during a search of his home, Nottingham Crown Court heard on Monday.

Behind the first one was amphetamine and cannabis resin, together with £750 and behind the second more cannabis and £900 in cash said John Fountain, prosecuting.

Retallic told officers the money was from housing benefit.

The court heard the drugs were worth between £600 and £2,000.

Earlier on 25th May he had been seen by police community support officers in Ryton Place when he threw away a black pouch.

It was found to contain heroin worth up to £450 and amphetamine valued at up to £280. His home was searched for the first time and £200 was found hidden under a music system.

He was arrested and released on bail but had been held in custody since the second search 11 weeks later.

He was addicted to heroin and amphetamine but since his remand he had tested negative said his barrister Peter Warmsley.

“He got into debt. He was put under pressure to repay it. He said he owed £2,000.”

Judge John Milmo accepted that the offences were committed to pay off drug debts. The judge found Retallic benefited from crime in the sum of £1,500 and ordered his assets at £1,005 be seized.

Retallic, who pleaded guilty, was given three years for possession of heroin with intent to supply and a further 12 months for possession of amphetamine with intent.