Dad assaulted former wife

In Court
In Court

A CLOWNE dad assaulted his ex-wife during a visit to see his son in hospital, a court heard.

Karen and Darren Wheelhouse split up last July following a lengthy marriage and she had a new partner.

She contacted her ex-husband to say their son was in Chesterfield Royal Hospital and he went there on 25th November.

“She says he kicked her feet because she wouldn’t answer his questions,” Bill Taylor, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield.

Wheelhouse, 37, allegedly tossed an empty urine sample container into her face. He prodded her and damaged her pendant necklace.

“She says he produced a Zippo lighter and lit it saying: ‘That’s a nice coat. It must be another present. You must be good.’

“I hope you haven’t got anything inflammable on your hair’. This caused her to feel frightened,” said Mr Taylor.

Felicity Clarke, for Wheelhouse, said he accepted tapping the complainant’s feet and waving the lighter around ‘as a joke’ but he denied threatening her and throwing the container at her.

Deputy District Judge said: “It’s not a joke situation when your child is ill in hospital and your ex-partner is in a relationship with someone else.”

Wheelhouse, of Ridgeway, Clowne, admitted charges of assault and damaging property.

He will be sentenced following a trial he faces on 26th February for allegedly harassing his ex-wife and her partner, Nick Blakemore.

Mr Davison granted bail on condition Wheelhouse did not contact his ex-wife or go to her address in Salvin Crescent, Clowne.