Clowne yob hit and choked mum

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A CLOWNE man could be locked up after a court heard that he punched his mother in the face and tried to strangle her.

Marion Harper was in the Travellers Rest, Clowne, on 8th January when she realised her son Robert, who was barred from the pub, had been refused entry.

She and her husband returned home at 1am. Mr Harper went out to look for their son, who came home later in a drunken state and in a bad mood.

Mrs Harper stated that she asked his girlfriend to help her calm him down or police might have to be called, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

His girlfriend and sister left and, as his mother left the room, he lashed out with a punch that struck her left cheek.

“She tried to throw him out but he refused to go. He grabbed her throat and pushed her against a wall and held her there,” said Diane Ball, prosecuting.

“She next remembered waking up on the hallway floor with him pushing down on her neck. She suffers from asthma and was having trouble breathing.”

Ms Ball said Mrs Harper, who also suffered from epilepsy, managed to break free and push him outside. She added that she had an x-ray which found there were no broken bones but there was internal bruising.

Harper, 21, formerly of Hickinwood Crescent, Clowne, and more recently of Westlea, admitted assault. Sentence was adjourned until 2nd February for probation service reports.

The bench said he could be locked up for mounting a sustained attack involving a strangulation attempt.

“He has problems with alcohol and depression. He can’t really remember all that is alleged but, to his credit, he doesn’t dispute it,” said Jon Barber, for Harper. “It is clearly quite a nasty incident and, when his mother told him to go, he should have left.”