Clowne motorist in drink-drive crash


A motorist who tried to avoid further confrontation by leaving a pub row was arrested by police for drink-driving following a crash.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Friday, January 2, how Jason Jones, 30, of Creswell Road, Clowne, had an altercation with a customer at a pub across the road from his home but when he opted to drive to his mother’s he was involved in a collision.

Prosecuting solicitor John Cooper said: “He went to a pub across the road from his home and was having a social drink with friends when one of the customers got into an altercation with him and he sensibly decided to leave.

“He continued to think about the incident and knew that if he stayed at home he would want to go back to the pub and might get in trouble so he travelled to his mother’s and accepts he was involved in an accident.”

Police attended the crash between Jones’s Ford Mondeo and a Skoda on Chesterfield Road, Shuttlewood, and the defendant told police he had had a drink and he would be over the limit.

Tests confirmed that Jones had exceeded the alcohol drink-drive limit.

Mr Cooper added that cars along Chesterfield Road had been double parked and as the Skoda was coming towards Jones’s Mondeo he had failed to see it.

Jones pleaded guilty to exceeding the alcohol drink-drive limit after the incident in December, last year.

Defence solicitor Katie Fowkes said Jones works as a machine operator with the railway service and has to travel so his employers have not yet decided if he will be able to keep his job.

Magistrates fined Jones £390 and ordered him to pay a £39 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Jones was also disqualified from driving for 20 months.