Bracebridge park near retirement estate in Worksop left with piles of rubbish by travellers

These shocking photos show piles of rubbish left behind by travellers on a field next to a quiet retirement estate in Bracebridge.

By Ben McVay
Thursday, 3rd September 2020, 12:30 pm

Among the mess were bags of rotting food piled high, over 30 dumped oil containers and even a bag of brand new canvas shoes.

Councillors say the dumped refuse - discovered after seven caravans departed on Tuesday night - will cost the taxpayer ‘thousands’ to clean up.

Most of the domestic waste cannot be taken to a household recycling centre but will need to be hauled by lorry to a landfill site.

Councillors Josie Potts, John Shephard and Clayton Tindle survey the rubbish left behind. Photo: Councillor Simon Greaves

Josie Potts, Worksop South East councillor, described the scene on the field near High Hoe Road as ‘horrendous’.

The councillor - who has served the area for 14 years - told how she was ‘bombarded’ with phone calls from scared pensioners living in bungalows on nearby Garside Street during the travellers’ six-week stay at the site.

She said: “I’ve had vulnerable, elderly people calling me saying they don’t feel safe - one of them phoned me at 9pm on Monday saying they were racing around in cars.

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Photo: Councillor Simon Greaves

“My main concern is for the people who live in this ward - they shouldn’t have to put up with what these travellers leave behind.

“People move into bungalows for peace and quiet - it’s normally lovely down here.”

Councillor Potts is calling for Government legislation to be changed - allowing local councils such as Bassetlaw to evict travellers from public land more quickly.

At present authorities have to follow a long-winded process including proving ownership of the land, assessing a camp’s effects on the local area and serving notices and court summonses.

Photo: Councillor Simon Greaves

However during the time it takes to see a camp moved on costly damage is often done to public parks.

Josie said: “All the council can do is go to the bailiffs and this is costing the tax-payer thousands of pounds.

“These people can just pull up and bolt-crop their way into public land and no-one can do anything about it.

“Fly tipping is a huge problem right now and to me what’s happened here is fly tipping - the council cares but our hands are tied and this just isn’t fair.”

Photo: Councillor Simon Greaves

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