Bassetlaw murder verdict: Investigating officer speaks of ‘extremely violent’ killing

The scene of the murder in Everton
The scene of the murder in Everton

The detective who lead the investigation in Alan Easton’s death said it had been a ‘complex’ inquiry into an ‘extremely violent murder.’

Angela Dowling, 48, of Windmill Avenue, Conisbrough and Matthew Duffy, 23, of Sussex Street, Balby have today (Monday) been found guilty of murder Mr Easton following a four week trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

Alan James Easton

Alan James Easton

Steven Schofield, 31, also of Windmill Avenue, Conisbrough previously admitted murdering Mr Easton.

Mark Bingham, 50, of Fishponds Road West, Sheffield was acquitted last week.

Mr Easton’s body was found in a shallow grave on Everton farmland on 2nd February, last year. He had been beaten and stabbed and his throat cut.

Detective inspector Leigh Sanders, who led the inquiry, said: “Alan Easton had travelled to South Yorkshire to start a new chapter in his life with people he thought were long-standing family friends.”

“It was to take an ugly twist when Dowling decided she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him and it ended in an extremely violent murder.”

“Under the instruction of Dowling, who had significantly tarnished Mr Easton’s reputation, Schofield acted as a jealous lover and along with Duffy subjected him to a brutal attack.”

“Their actions were reprehensible, whatever their motives.”

“This has been a complex investigation, involving a lot of work with our colleagues in South Yorkshire and Scotland.”

“Throughout its course, the detectives and police staff involved have worked tirelessly to bring Alan’s murderers to justice.”

“I would like to thank them all for their hard work and dedication.”

“Our thoughts and sympathies are with all those who knew him.”