Bassetlaw man threw gas canister at ex's car after Facebook 'like'

A man was so enraged about someone liking a Facebook photo of his ex-partner that he assaulted her and threw a gas canister at her car.

Sunday, 11th April 2021, 3:31 pm

The pair had met for a night out trying to rekindle their relationship, but a disagreement about the Facebook picture ‘erupted’ later at the man’s home.

The victim tried to call for a taxi to leave, but Steven Dobb, 39, grabbed her phone and threw it to the floor.

He insulted her, before grabbing hold of her wrist and neck and pushing her down to the floor. Dobb then kicked her to the back.

Steven Dobb, 39, has been jailed for the attack on his ex. The damage to her car. Images: Notts Police.
Steven Dobb, 39, has been jailed for the attack on his ex. The damage to her car. Images: Notts Police.

She managed to leave the home, but Dobb followed her, punching the windows of her car and then throwing a gas canister at the bonnet.

Dobb, of Great North Road, Markham Moor, near Retford, pleaded guilty to common assault and two counts of criminal damage. He was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment at Nottingham Crown Court.

Police Constable Oivind Merrygold said: "This was an argument about nothing and erupted quickly after a night out.

"This must have been a frightening experience for the woman, who thankfully suffered no serious injuries other than bruising to her back and arms.

"We are pleased with the result from the court. The force takes domestic assaults very seriously.

"The sentence will hopefully give confidence to those who are experiencing domestic violence to seek help from the police.”

PC Merrygold added: "Nottinghamshire Police is committed to protecting people throughout this time and I want anyone who is in a difficult situation to know we are here for them.

“You are not alone in this and help is always available. Whether it be through us, Women’s Aid or any service you access, we can help you.”

Nottinghamshire Police is supporting the Make Yourself Heard Campaign, which aims to show people how they can report an emergency when it is not safe to speak.

Dialling 55 after calling 999 takes you through to a silent call service, whereby call handlers will give you specific directions on how to report your emergency.