A ‘baa-army’ adventure: Police prevent close shave on M1 as sheep tries to join motorway

The intrepid animal was eventually captured by police...
The intrepid animal was eventually captured by police...

Officers from the Bolsover Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team helped prevent a close shave for motorists on the M1 last week.

It was by shear chance that PC Pete Harley and PCSO Simon Galley stumbled upon a member of the public who was desperately trying to stop a sheep from joining the motorway at Junction 29a on Thursday, July 13.

They managed to catch the sheep and get it safely into the back of their police car before returning it to its field, but not before taking a picture to capture the baaa-rmy adventure.

Followers have since been flocking to the Derbyshire Constabulary Instagram account, where the force likes to bleat about the lighter, more human, side of policing which can often go unnoticed.

The account was first launched in April 2017 and so far more than 1500 followers have flocked to the page.

You can follow the account @derbyshireconstabulary.