Crime still falling in South Yorkshire

DRUG crimes, theft and handling stolen goods offences are on the up - despite overall crime dropping in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Police recorded a five per cent rise in theft and handling stolen goods offences - an increase of 1,253 offences to 28,213 compared to the previous 12 months.

Drug crimes were also up by two per cent, an increase of 76 to 5,123 offences.

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But the last four years has seen crime cut by more than a third in South Yorkshire and these latest figures show that trend it continuing.

The figures, which compare from October 2010 to September to the previous 12 months, show a seven per cent drop in offences - with total crime down by 7,919 offences.

Assistant chief constable Max Sahota said despite the reduction it will be difficult to keep crime falling in the current economic climate.

He said: “Crime in South Yorkshire is at its lowest level since 1990 and you have to go back another decade to see fewer recorded house burglaries and vehicle crimes across the county.”

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Total vehicle crime is down 16 per cent by 2,317 crimes to 12,606.

This includes theft of vehicles, down 477 offences to 3,006, and theft from vehicles, down 1,636 to 8,417 crimes.

House burglaries have fallen two per cent by 163 offences to 7,293. Other burglaries are also down two per cent by 189 crimes to 8,921.

Criminal damage offences have fallen by 13 per cent, down 2,900 crimes to 19,763. Fraud and forgery offences are down 22 per cent, a 611 drop to 2,163 crimes.

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ACC Sahota continued: “Crime statistics provide a useful indicator of the force’s performance but our officers and staff will not lose sight of what’s really important – the victims of crime and the impact criminal activity has on their lives and livelihoods.”

“It’s our job to tackle crime and keep people safe.”

“Fewer crimes mean fewer victims and while the force has consistently said it will be difficult to keep reducing crime in the current economic climate, we’ll continue to deliver the best possible service to communities across South Yorkshire.”

Total violent crime has reduced by 15 per cent, a drop of 2,828 offences to 15,775 with the previous 12-month period.

This category includes robbery, sexual offences, firearms and knife offences.

Robbery is down by 16 per cent by 160 offences to 838.

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Sexual offences is down 83 crimes, a nine per cent drop to 876.

Firearms offences have dropped by 64, a 36 per cent reduction to 114 crimes, while knife crime is down 21 per cent, falling 117 offences to 446.