Creswell: Jilted Creswell man caused damage to ex’s flat

Chesterfield Magistrates Court
Chesterfield Magistrates Court

An annoyed man armed himself with a knife and smashed up property at his former partner’s home after she had asked him to leave.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Wednesday, January 21, how Shane Spencer, 40, of Wood Avenue, Creswell, slid the knife up his sleeve and damaged a toilet door, a clock, a picture and a wardrobe.

Prosecuting solicitor Sarah Haslam said: “The couple had been in a lengthy relationship for 14 years and they had lived together for 13 years.

“Spencer’s partner has a daughter from a previous relationship who lives with her.

“Over the last six months the couple’s relationship had got worse and the two had been arguing most days so Spencer’s partner decided to end the relationship.

“She told him it’s over and that she wanted him to leave and Spencer went into the kitchen and placed a knife up his sleeve but he never threatened his partner.”

However, Ms Haslam explained that Spencer went into the toilet and used the knife to stab the door and when he came out his partner was packing his belongings so he damaged a wardrobe, a clock and a picture.

Police came to the property and arrested Spencer and also found that he had £20 worth of cannabis, according to Ms Haslam.

Spencer pleaded guilty to causing damage and possessing cannabis after the incident on December 30.

Defending solicitor Denny Lau explained Spencer was annoyed because he had been trying to work on the relationship but there had been financial problems.

Mr Lau said: “In the past, Mr Spencer has had issues and he’s dealt with that and in the last few years things have been on the up.

“He was annoyed that day because he was trying to work on the relationship because there have been financial problems and the flat is quite packed but he was asked to leave.

“His partner said if you don’t leave I will get my brothers to come and get you out and he was annoyed and said something he shouldn’t have said.”

Ms Haslam, prosecuting, said Spencer behaved in an aggressive manner during his arrest and he smelled of alcohol but Mr Lau, defending, said Spencer had only been drinking while he was waiting for the police.

Magistrates adjourned the case until February 11 to consider probation reports before sentencing. Spencer was released on conditional bail providing he does not contact his former partner or visit her address in Creswell.