Creswell: Bar forced to shut after selling alcohol to underage teens

Guardian News
Guardian News

A bar in Creswell has been forced to close for a weekend after being caught selling alcohol to underage drinkers.

Viva La Mamma sold booze to the teenagers for a second time in a three month period.

They were caught selling alcohol to underage volunteers during a test purchase operation in the North East Derbyshire area.

The checks were conducted by Derbyshire police and trading standards on Thursday 17th July.

Viva La Mamma will be closed from 4pm on Friday 29th August until 11.30pm on Sunday 31st.

Five out of the seven premises which were visited failed their tests, including Viva La Mamna.

Members of staff from three other businesses have been given fixed penalty notices for selling alcohol to teens and two other licensees have been interviewed by officers.