COURT: Worksop thug ‘rained punches’ on victim outside The Ashley

The Ashley, Carlton Road, Worksop  (w120925-4b)
The Ashley, Carlton Road, Worksop (w120925-4b)

A Worksop thug rained punches on a man he had accused of smashing his car window in an attack outside a town pub, a court heard.

Oliver Simpson, 19 of George Street, pleaded guilty to assaulting the man outside the Ashley public House on Carlton Road when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, December 9.

The court heard his victim had arrived at the pub at 8pm on September 10 and had ordered a drink.

A woman had approached him and asked him if it was him who has smashed the Simpson’s car window.

The complainant knew Simpson, who was the ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend. He said he had no idea about the car window damage.

The court heard Simpson asked the complainant if he could have a word with him outside.

The two walked out of the pub and Simpson launched an attack on the complainant and punched him five or six times in an attack captured on CCTV.

The incident, which spilled out into the busy road outside the pub, was shown in court.

The complainant told police he had gone into a defensive position and blocked some of the punches.

He said Simpson accused him of smashing his car window and of threatening how he would beat Simpson up, both of which the complainant denied.

Following the attack, Simpson walked back into the pub and then got in his car and drove out of the car park.

When interviewed by the police, Simpson initially said the complainant had hit him first.

He denied asking him to go outside.

But when the CCTV was shown to him he admitted he had thrown the first punch.

Simpson told police he had been angry after his car windscreen had been put through some says earlier and he thought the complainant had been responsible.

The court heard there had been ‘Chinese whispers’ in social circles regarding the two men in the days leading up to the assault.

It was said Simpsons’ feelings had been raw when the pair ended up in the same pub and his temper had clouded his judgement.

He was fined £300, ordered to pay compensation of £100, with court costs of £85 and a criminal court charge of £150.