COURT RESULTS: Worksop and Retford

The following people from the Worksop and Retford areas have recently appeared before the courts.

Football banning orders have been handed out
Football banning orders have been handed out


Tyler Mountain, 19, of Redforde Park Avenue, Retford. Admitted assault by beating on September 21. Fined £120 and told to pay compensation of £125 plus £105 costs.

Imran Westwood, 45, of Rampton Hospital, Retford. Admitted assaulting a man on August 8. Ordered to pay compensation of £150 and £85 in court costs.

April Marrison, 25, of Mayfield House, West Stockwith. Admitted assaulting a police officer, criminal damage and actual bodily harm at an address in Misterton on October 21. Committed to prison for 42 days suspended for 12 months. Restraining order imposed for two years.


Martin Heath, 36, of Worksop Road, Whitwell. Admitted possession of a psychoactive substance on December 25. Committed to prison for 12 weeks plus £115 costs.


James Lee, 26, of Dominie Cross Road, Retford. Admitted theft of beef to the value of £27.41 from Asda on January 19. Committed to prison for six weeks suspended for six months after committing offence within a week of release form custody. Curfew in place to remain at his home between the hours of 7pm and 7am for six weeks and told to pay compensation of £27.41.

Tony Siddons, 27 of Cheapside, Worksop. Admitted stealing meat worth £80 from Farmfoods in Victoria Retail Park on December 12, and stealing meat from Coop at Plantation Hill, Worksop on December 19 worth £61. Committed to eight weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and to play £141 compensation.


Marcin Lukowiak, 45, of Gateford Road, Worksop. Admitted driving over the legal alcohol limit on December 25. Fined £400 plus £85 costs and disqualified from driving for three years.

David Young, 63, of Church Road, Bircotes. Admitted speeding at 63mph in a 50mph zone at Sutton Lane, Retford. Fined £70 plus £115 costs and licence endorsed by three penalty points.

Andrew Baker, 52, of Wren Court, Worksop. Admitted driving while disqualified and without insurance on December 22. Discharged because he was not aware of disqualification and that insurance was therefore void.


Scott Bibby, 28, of Oak Tree Rise, Worksop. Admitted forceful entry of a premises on January 6. Fined £40 and £115 costs.

Ian Parry, 37, of Mellish Road, Worksop. Guilty of culpable neglect to pay a fine for £732. Suspended sentence of 21 days and to pay £632 at a rate of £10 a week.