COURT: One-armed drug user stabbed man in chest at Dinnington house party

Sheffield Crown Court.
Sheffield Crown Court.

A one-armed drug user stabbed a man in the chest with a kitchen knife as violence broke out at a Dinnington house party.

Mark Smith, aged 33, of Josephine Road, Rotherham, was jailed for 16 months at Sheffield Crown Court over the attack in Dinnington at around 2am on August 22 last year.

Lucy Brown, representing Smith, said feelings of “vulnerability” caused by his missing arm were part of the reason he carried out the stabbing on impulse.

Andrew Smith, prosecuting, said Smith had intervened following a fight at a house party where a woman had been knocked unconscious after being punched.

He knifed the man whose home was being used as the party venue. The householder had attempted to pursue someone involved in the disorder before the stabbing itself.

The court heard the victim had “immediately felt a sharp pain to his chest” before Smith continued to lunge at him with the knife. Mrs Brown said: “This was an impulsive incident, he picked up that knife without an explanation.”

She said Smith thought himself to be vulnerable “following the loss of his arm”.

She said: “It causes him to react in a way he shouldn’t.”