Councillor ‘really has been a Pearl’

A POPULAR and long-serving Gainsborough Town Councillor has announced her resignation after 15 years.

Pearl Banyard has served the council since 1996 and has been mayor twice - championing many good causes, including a campaign to fight cuts to travel funding for disabled children.

Now, the independent candidate who represents the East Ward of Gainsborough, is stepping down due to health reasons.

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“I am a great believer in doing what I can for the electorate,” said Pearl. “Sadly, I can’t do that any more, so I think someone else should have a go at doing it.”

“I think people should definitely come forward if they’d like to be involved in the town council and helping to make Gainsborough a better place.”

She continued: “I’m hoping that someone can step in and shake the council up a bit.”

Pearl said that she had treasured her time on the council and was proud of all that she had achieved.

“I have enjoyed it tremendously,” she said.

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“I have been lucky enough to be mayor twice and it has been a great pleasure to serve the people of Gainsborough.”

However, Pearl says that we haven’t heard the last from her just yet.

“Just because I’ve got ill health and have stepped down, doesn’t mean I’ll be keeping quiet.”

Pearl added: “I’d like to thank Paul Leeder and Rachael Allbones for being there to answer all my questions and doing all that they can for me, and I’d like to say thank you to all other staff for their hard work.”

“I wish the council well in all that they try to do.”

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Fellow Town Counillor and Liberal Democrat Mel Starkey said that he would miss her hard work and spirit.

“Pearl and I go back 20 odd years, and she’s utterly irreplacable,” he said. “She really has been a pearl to work with - she’s always there to help when you need her and the town council is going to be at a great loss without her.”

Coun Starkey continued: “From all of the people I have spoken to over the years, everyone has taken to her.”

“She has been brilliant in serving Gainsborough and I’ve never heard a bad word said against her in all of the 20 years that I’ve known her.”

He added: “It has been an honour and a privilege to serve with her for all this time.”

“She’s been a true friend and I wish her all the best for the future.”

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