Council View: Have your say on the big plan

Coun Simon Greaves
Coun Simon Greaves

From the beginning of next week, Bassetlaw residents will have the chance to have their say on one of the most important future policy documents that we, as a council, will implement.

A consultation on the initial draft Bassetlaw Plan will be launched on Monday.

But what is the ‘Bassetlaw Plan’?

Well, this will be the ‘local plan’ for Bassetlaw and will set out the council’s long-term approach to development and planning in the district up to the year 2034.

The consultation is the first stage in the development of the Bassetlaw Plan, which will look at the number of new houses that we will need to build to meet the needs of future generations, planning and development that will help to create new jobs and boost the local economy, conservation issues and much more.

Bassetlaw residents now have a chance to shape how this plan develops by way of an online consultation, or by visiting one of the many public sessions we will be running throughout.

For more details on the dates and times of these meetings, and to complete the consultation form, please visit

I was delighted to see last week that this newspaper had covered A1 Housing and the council’s eviction of a former tenant who had subjected his neighbours to a life of hell.

No-one should have to live in fear in their own home.

And by working with our partners, we will do our utmost to stamp out anti-social behaviour in our communities and will seek to apply the most severe penalties for individuals who commit such acts, which includes losing their home.

Finally, if you receive housing benefit or council tax reduction, we have launched a campaign to ask residents to keep us updated if any of your circumstances change, as this could affect your benefits.

We’ve also produced a series of short information films, which you can watch on the council’s website.