Council’s reassurance that ‘emergency plan’ is in place should terror attack hit Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire County Council have reassured residents there is an 'emergency plan' in place should a terror attack break out in the county.
Nottinghamshire County Council have reassured residents there is an 'emergency plan' in place should a terror attack break out in the county.

In light of recent national incidents, Nottinghamshire residents are being reassured that “plans are in place” should a large-scale emergency take place in the county.

Nottinghamshire County Council say their Emergency Planning team is ready to respond quickly to a wide range of emergencies, whether it be natural causes such as severe flooding, transport or industrial accidents, or a terrorist act.

There are specific plans which cover incidents such as mass fatalities and pandemic influenza along with plans to respond to major emergencies at large venues such as Nottingham Forest and Mansfield Town Clubs and Trent Bridge Cricket Ground.

In the event of large numbers of residents needing to be evacuated from their homes, the Council has worked with district and borough councils to prepare emergency accommodation including the setting up rest centres across the county.

The plans have been tested through training and simulated exercises involving Council staff and employees from key agencies such as Nottinghamshire Police, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, health partners and the Environment Agency.

As emergencies can potentially affect vital public services, the plans aim to ensure agencies can carry out their everyday activities to minimise disruption to local people.

The Council also works with local communities to plan and prepare for emergencies in their area, which includes specific advice and support on areas affected by flooding and during times of severe snow and ice.

Councillor Kay Cutts, Leader of the Council, said: “As recent horrific incidents have shown, a major incident disrupts normal life and brings tragedy to the communities affected.

“Whatever the cause, the County Council is ready to respond quickly and effectively with emergency services and other agencies to provide care and support to victims.”

Rob Fisher, group manager for Emergency Planning Management and Registration at the Council, said: “Not only do we have extensive plans in place on a wide range of emergencies, we also regularly test these plans with partners by simulating emergency situations to make sure they are effective and respond to likely eventualities.”

Key agencies have a responsibility to warn and inform the public before and during emergencies using traditional and social media outlets and share information with organisations across the county to respond to emergencies effectively.

For more information on emergency plan visit the Council’s website at