Cops clamp down on Barlborough nuisance drivers

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Police are set to clamp down on drivers parking on an ‘access only’ road in Barlborough.

Officers from the village’s Safer Neighbourhood team have set the issue as their new priority following a recent panel meeting with local residents.

They’re set to carry out extra patrols in the Chesterfield Road area to speak to motorists about the issue and encourage them to park responsibly.

They will also be handing out newsletters to raise awareness of the problems surrounding parking on the access only route and Traffic Offence Reports will be issued to those drivers who continue to ignore the ‘access only’ sign.

PCSO Simon Galley from the Barlborough Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We have set this issue as our new policing priority after residents raised concerns with us and its one we want to clamp down on.

“PC Jason Graham and I will be working alongside the community to tackle the issue and ensure drivers understand the nuisance their parking can cause to local residents.

“Feedback from the public helps us to set policing schedules to work towards and make life in Barlborough happier and safer for residents.”

The issue was set as a policing priority following the team’s panel meeting, held on Tuesday, March 3.

It replaces the previous priority, which was anti-social behaviour and criminal damage around Barlborough Country Park.

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