Compost decision overturned

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council have ruled that a planning decision made about a controversial compost plant near Upton must be re-assessed.

Thursday, 22nd March 2012, 2:30 pm

On Monday 12th March councillors voted in favour of approving an application from Land Network Gainsborough to continue processing compost on their site at the former Sturgate Airfield.

But within 24 hours the decision was overturned when it was discovered a procedural error had been made.

The application was to allow the compost site owners to process green waste up to a maximum of 74,999 tonnes per year.

This outraged residents living nearby, who claim their daily lives are affected by odour, noise, dust, flies and traffic from the site.

Nearly 300 residents in nearby villages had signed a petition against the plans.

Councillors voted to approve the application, but imposed a condition on the waste limit of 40,000 tonnes per year.

The was met by uproar from a packed public gallery.

Earlier in the meeting two councillors had already moved and seconded that the decision be deferred so further negotiations could take place with the site owner about reducing the limit to 20,000 tonnes.

The site currently processes 17,325 tonnes of compost each year. A rise to 40,000 tonnes would represent a 130 per cent increase.

Executive director of Lincolnshire County Council David O’Connor, said: “When we reviewed the meeting we identified a procedural error.”

“We are committed to ensuring that full consideration is given to all views expressed, so this matter will be reconsidered at the next meeting.”

The next meeting of the planning committee is on Tuesday 10th April at County Hall, Newland, Lincoln.