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On April 5, Eric Houlder gave a hugely enjoyable talk on the Wars of the Roses.The Battles raged from 1455, when Henry V1 was King, to 1485.Henry was a peaceful man who was dominated by his wife, the ruthless Margaret of Anjou, and was dragged into a civil war that saw the lords of the Houses of York and Lancaster fighting for the Crown of England.

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Thursday, 14th April 2016, 11:32 am
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Community events.
Community events.

In 1455 The Yorkists won the Battle of St.Albans, and, capturing King Henry,they declared Edward 1V King. Henry was then deposed after the battle of Towton, which lies between Pontefract and Knaresborough. The Earl of Warwick then turned traitor and restored Henry to Kingship. After battles at Wakefield, Barnet, and Tewkesbury, the final battle, the Battle of Bosworth, was in 1485 when Henry Tudor defeated Richard 111 and became King Henry V11.

On April 12, Jo Wheldon, a member of the group, gave a talk on the history of playing cards.

She brought several packs of cards of different ages and explained why the card suits were given their names.

Tarot cards have been used down the ages by gypsies for fortune telling and the modern names of the suits of playing cards have been given several different names and the meaning of those names. For instance clubs symbolised the Church, and hearts stood for finance.

The talk on April 19 will be given by the radio presenter, Gerry Kersey.