COLUMN: Support for war heroes

We owe so much to local service people who fought in conflict over the last 100 years, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and we shall never forget their bravery.

Wednesday, 7th June 2017, 2:30 pm

For many of those who 
survive war, the trauma 
and combat leaves many emotional scars and 
physical injuries that last a lifetime.

It may surprise most readers to hear that one in 20 Nottinghamshire residents currently alive today are ex-service people, which amounts to a total of 43,500 residents.

For those veterans in old age, they are often at higher risk of mental health problems due to their service experiences, which can increase if they become socially isolated.

This is why the council has teamed up with the St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service and the Alzheimer’s Society to secure a £400,000 grant from the Community Covenant Aged Veterans Funds to support such veterans.

Our portion of the money will be spent linking older veterans at risk of social isolation with projects and activities to help keep them active in their communities.

Possible projects could include setting up war memories archives, activities which help bridge the generational gap with young people or befriending services to make sure they get the most out of later life.

The grant will also fund three welfare officers to provide practical and emotional support to aged veterans and their families and carers. It is vital that we don’t turn our back on those who have made such a difference to our lives today and those of future generations.

Unfortunately, there are no longer any survivors of the First World War.

However, towns and villages across the county can claim up to £300 to commemorate this war in their local area through events, 
exhibitions or educational visits.

A staggering 13,000 people lost their lives as a result of the Great War so I hope all communities can make use of this funding to remember their sacrifice.

The deadline for applications of round seven of the fund closes on Friday 
July 14.