Clowne man admits assault

A CLOWNE man assaulted his then-fiancee on her way home from a night out, a court heard.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 17th August 2012, 5:12 pm

Tiffany Neep got out of a taxi in Clune Street and was confronted by an abusive Wayne Phillips, Chesterfield magistrates were told.

“She said it was probably because she had failed to answer his text messages. He had been violent towards her in the past so she ran to a friend’s house in East Street,” said Sherall Pickford, prosecuting.

“He ran after her and grabbed her from behind, causing her to fall into the road and graze both elbows.”

Ms Neep ran away and a resident persuaded Phillips, 27, to leave. She told police he had pushed her over and dragged her across the road. .

Phillips, of Rose Avenue, Clowne, was arrested and said their one-year relationship was ‘rocky’ as they suspected each other of having affairs.

He claimed she had texted him saying she would catch him with his ‘bit on the side’ and he pushed her out of frustration.

“Drink played a big role in the offence. They were texting each other with loving messages before the incident,” said Danny Lau, defending.

“An argument broke out in the street and he wanted to clear the air before going to work the next morning. He regrets what he did. There were no punches or kicks and he denies any previous violence towards her.”

Phillips admitted the 23rd July assault and breaching bail on 2nd August by sending her text messages. Sentencing was adjourned until 22nd August for probation service reports.