Clear message from Euro elections is Britain wants Brexit

I used the opportunity of the bank holiday weekend to climb a Munro or two in Scotland., writes John Mann MP.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 4:54 pm
John Mann MP

These are easy climbs, especially if we compare it with the debacle over the delivery of Brexit, which has proved to be mountain that has no pinnacle.

Political news has been dominated with the results from the European Union election with results being announced last Sunday.

These elections were the last thing that we wanted and I have always voted in Parliament to deliver Brexit.

This is the promise that I stood on when the people of Bassetlaw re-elected me in 2017.

There was no doubt that these European elections were going to be a re-run of the referendum on Brexit and that is how they turned out.

Many politicians and journalists are trying to push their own message using the results from the elections.

But I will give you the two very strong messages that voters in Bassetlaw gave politicians at the ballot box last week.

Firstly, the turnout in Bassetlaw was lower than in both 2014 and 2009 with people showing there is a total disdain or despair for Parliament and its botched up non-delivery Brexit resulting many people abstaining.

The second message was that you just want Parliament to get on with Brexit.

You are fed up of political in-fighting within the different parties and some MPs trying to reverse the referendum result.

I have not, and will not back a second referendum on Britain’s member-ship of the EU.

I stood on this promise in 2017 and will stick to this promise.

In the aftermath of these elections, the pressures on backing a second referendum will be greater.

I will not vote in favour of this and I anticipate that a number of my colleagues representing seats in the Midlands and the North will do the same.

Two thirds of Labour-held seats voted to leave the European Union and this must not be ignored in an attempt to reverse Brexit.