Claw hammer thug jailed for terrifying two-hour crime spree

BEHIND BARS: Jaikus Wallace.BEHIND BARS: Jaikus Wallace.
BEHIND BARS: Jaikus Wallace.
A teen thug who robbed seven people in less than two hours while armed with a claw hammer has been jailed for four years.

Nineteen-year-old Jaikus Wallace was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday after he admitted five robberies, two attempted robberies and one charge of possession of an offensive weapon.

The court heard how Wallace began his crime spree by attempting to rob a man outside the McDonalds restaurant in Wheeler Gate, Nottingham, at about 12.50am on October 2, 2015. Wallace approached the man, produced a claw hammer then demanded he empty his pockets and hand over his mobile phone. However, the would-be victim threw the meal he was eating in Wallace’s face before running away.

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Five minutes later, Wallace approached a man on George Street, brandishing the claw hammer, and stole the victim’s phone and wallet.

At about 1.05am, he found his third target – a man walking alone in Glasshouse Street. Wallace demanded and received the victim’s phone and wallet. Again, Wallace made his demands while holding his claw hammer for the victim to see.

At about 2.35am, Wallace robbed two men as they walked on Byard Lane. Wallace made the pair face a wall as he searched them then punched both of them in the face before leaving with a wallet.

Ten minutes later, Wallace approached another lone man and, while brandishing the claw hammer, said ‘your wallet or your life’. Wallace searched the man, stole his wallet and phone and ran off.

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A short time later, Wallace approached his final victim – a teenager walking alone in Bridlesmith Gate.

The victim described how Wallace said ‘this is a robbery’ before being told to sit on the floor. Wallace held the claw hammer to his temple and, at one point, raised it above his shoulder in a threatening manner. Wallace left with the victim’s phone and some toffees he had bought that evening at the Goose Fair.

Wallace was not found following a search of the area but was identified as a suspect following CCTV work. A subsequent search of Wallace’s home recovered a number of the stolen mobile phones which were traced back to their owners.

In interview, Wallace, of Lavender Walk, Nottingham, admitted all of the offences, telling officers he had drunk heavily the night of the robberies and could not explain his actions.

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Detective Constable Chris Taylor, of Nottinghamshire police, said: “The people Wallace robbed that evening were subject to a terrifying experience. Wallace picked young men, almost always walking alone, and on each occasion he brandished the claw hammer, using fear to make people hand over their belongings.

“Wallace’s crimes have left a lasting impact on his victims and several have remarked that they have only been able to re-enter the city centre once they heard he was caught and kept on remand. We hope the sentencing serves as some comfort to them as they return to enjoy their evenings in our city centre.”