Chemical scare at Worksop A&E department

A CHEMICAL scare led to Bassetlaw’s A&E reception area being cordoned off on Tuesday.

Thursday, 21st February 2013, 3:05 pm

Concern was raised on 19th February after four men turned up at Bassetlaw Hospital after being accidentally exposed to an unknown chemical at their work place.

“As a routine precautionary measure, we briefly cordoned off the main reception area of the emergency department,” said Mr Salaheldin El-Hag, consultant in accident and emergency medicine.

“We quickly identified that the chemical was hydrogen peroxide and the men were cleaned up, assessed and discharged.”

“Other patients in the waiting area were not at risk and were fully informed of what was happening.”

A spokesman for Bassetlaw Hospital said the patients in the reception area were allowed to stay where they were, and the department continued to function as normal.

“The whole incident lasted around two hours,” said the spokesman.