Changing rooms and homes

Who hasn’t at least once looked round their house and thought it could do with a makeover?

Just like updating your wardrobe every now and again, your home can start to look tired and dated if you neglect it.

Half the battle though is knowing what to do to give it a facelift, particularly if money is tight.

And that’s when it’s a good idea to call in the experts.

Veronica Rossington specialises in home and room makeovers.

She runs Victoria Designs, on Carlton Road, Worksop, which is full of gorgeous French and Venetian furniture, mirrors, lamps, soft furnishings and gifts.

She has had the shop for 14 years and has seen trends come and go.

“Colours for the home tend to follow the colours that are popular in fashion, so at the moment there is a lot of black and red about,” she said.

“Aubergine and lime green are also popular.”

“The traditional colours like gold and duck egg blue don’t date and are still popular as well.”

Veronica, of East Markham, has run the home design service since opening the shop.

Her husband Andrew runs Victoria Carpets, on Victoria Square, which is where the name comes from for Victoria Designs.

Veronica worked in beauty for years but always wanted to do interior design.

Fourteen years and scores of homes later, she still enjoys the thrill of transforming a single room or a whole house.

“We do designs to suit all purses. We can do new accessories and soft furnishings to fit round exisiting furniture, or we can start from scratch and do the whole lot.”

“We will happily do just one room or a whole house.”

If Veronica is working with a blank canvas, she will produce a colour board of ideas with swatches of fabric, to give customers lots of ideas of what they could do with a room.

She said the vintage look is a current favourite, along with curtains with padded pelmets, swags and tails.

“Some people are going for the retro look with wave design and islets on trendy poles. If someone has very definite ideas of what they want then I can still offer advice.”

“Some people want a particular window treatment which simply can’t be done on their window but we can help by advising something else.”

Veronica enjoys creating all kinds of different looks but her least favourite was the minimalist look of recent years.

“Everything was cream and boring and clinical. I’m glad to see colour has come back,” she said.

The trend for endless TV home makeoever shows seems to have come to an end as well, which Veronica isn’t sorry about.

“The trouble with programmes like Changing Rooms was that it led people to believe that everyhing can be done in a day, but it can’t.”

“It takes a week for us to put a colour board together and, depending on the size of the job, we aim for a six-week turnaround.”

“All our curtains are bespoke, hand-sewn and interlined, which obviously takes time.”

“We can also supply furniture and we work closely with an upholsterer who can re-upholster exisiting furniture to fit a new colour scheme. We can get sofas made to measure as well.

Veronia can be contacted on 530699.