Chance to get yourself a free comic book at Worksop shop

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If you are an avid comic book reader - or just want to see what all the fuss is about - you will be able to pick up one for free at Comic Quest in Worksop on May 4.

The Worksop shop on Hardy Street is one of thousands around the world taking part in Free Comic Book Day, which is now in its 18th year.

Adam Hall, who runs Comic Quest, said: “Even if you’ve never picked up a comic book, we want to welcome everyone to Comic Quest on May 4, because there are so many amazing comics this year and we can’t wait to share them.

“With awesome titles like Stranger Things, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avengers and more, we’re sure there’s a comic book for everyone.

“Comics are a fun and enduring form of entertainment for readers of all ages to dive into as imagination comes to life.

“Whether it be popular comics, film, television shows, or video games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.”

You will be able to pick up your free comic between 9am and 5pm.