Celebrity cookbook is a diamond idea for jubilee

IF you have ever wondered what biscuits the Archibishop likes to dunk in his tea or what Tom Jones’ favourite evening meal is, then look no further than Marton Primary School’s brand-new cookbook.

The colourful Diamond Jubilee Commemorative cookbook contains a wealth of delicious recipes from children, parents and staff to celebrity chefs, the Prime Minister and even the Royal Family.

PTFA member Maggie De’Scathebury said they never predicted an initially simple fundraising idea would produce such an amazing response.

“It been absolutely fantastic and we have had nothing but compliments about the book and how professional it looks,” she said.

“The pupils have been amazing. They have really been our inspiration and we are proud of the book and of them.”

Maggie, whose daughter Katie joined Marton Primary Primary, said she came up with the idea to produce a fundraising cookbook after a similar project at her previous school.

“It started off that it was just going to contain recipes from parents and children but then it grew into a beast,” she said.

“Lincolnshire chef Rachel Green asked if we wanted one of her recipes and we then came up with the idea of tying it in with the Jubilee, and it just went from there.”

Maggie spent all of the half-term week contacting a range of dignitaries and celebrities to ask if they would submit their favourite recipe for the cookbook.

“They call came back straightaway. Buckingham Palace were amazing considering how busy they have been this year, and Tom Jones replied within half an hour on a Friday night,” she said.

And there is something for everyone thanks to celebrity chefs such as Delia Smith and Gary Rhodes - from starters and puddings to desserts and baked treats, according to Maggie.

“Tom Jones gave us a recipe for a Bavarian pork shanks dish in Petersburg, while Buckingham Palace sent us the recipe for Delice de Flétan à l’escabèche - a fillet of halibut dish,” she said.

“The Archibishop gave us his take on the recipe for ginger biscuits he likes to make with his family - he said they end up eating more of the dough than the actual biscuits.”

She added: “We even had a recipe for a Mutt Loaf from the Canine Cookie Company, so absolutely everyone was catered for.”

Copies of the book, priced £7.50 (plus postage and packaging) can be bought by calling Marton Primary School on 01427 718224.