Carlton and Langold: Police hop on the buses

Bus on Doncaster Road, Langold
Bus on Doncaster Road, Langold

Police patrolling in Carlton and Langold have been using public transport to get to work, it has emerged.

Officers sometimes have no other option but to hop on a bus to reach their beat area, if no patrol car is available.

Bassetlaw MP John Mann called it ‘totally absurd’ and claimed it was a clear result of cuts to police resources.

He also claimed it left police officers unable to do their jobs properly.

“On one recent occasion the bus broke down and it took two-and-a-half hours for the police to begin their beat,” said Mr Mann.

“It’s totally absurd. How can they possibly do their job properly? What are they meant to do if they need to arrest someone?”

“If there’s an emergency issue the police in these villages can’t get to it.”

“I’m sure the police will say it is not a result of the cuts, but it clearly is.”

Coun Sheila Place, who represents Langold on Notts County Council, said it was not ideal for police to be using public transport to access a large area which has historically ‘never had a really strong police presence’.

But Insp Phil Davies from Notts Police said it was just one of the ways police get to their beat areas.

“We travel on foot, use cars, push bikes and when appropriate, take public transport to get to patrol areas,” he said.

“If there are arrests to be made then we will always use police vehicles for that. Using public transport is just another option of getting around which allows us to meet people and have a presence.”

“It is not a reaction to financial cuts, nor is it an everyday occurrence.”

A Notts Police spokesman said they were not aware of an occasion when a bus had broken down causing officers to be late for their patrol.

They also confirmed that police and PCSOs do not pay to travel on buses - a decision made by bus operators who consider it a benefit to have uniformed officers on board.