Car parking woes for Marshall’s Yard shoppers

PIC Sharon Scott/Acquire Images 07973 340201  'Marshall's Yard, Gainsborough.
PIC Sharon Scott/Acquire Images 07973 340201 'Marshall's Yard, Gainsborough.

A number of visitors to Marshall’s Yard shopping complex in Gainsborough have been issued with parking fines since the introduction of a “complicated and ambiguous” new ticket system.

Since June 20, the car park has been managed by Smart Parking and there is now an automatic number plate recognition system in place, with customers entering part of their registration number into the new pay- and-display machines when they pay to park at the centre.

However, some customers say they have been issued with fines despite having valid tickets – with one shopper saying he has been “hounded like a criminal”.

Trish Hardwick said: “I received notice of a parking fine for non-payment. I have my ticket, clearly with a correct registration number on it and times correspond with the photo of me entering Marshall’s Yard. And upon leaving the ticket can be seen on my dashboard.

“I think it is about time something is done about this.”

And Brian Walsh said: “These new machines require you to enter your exact registration number.

“However, they do not tell you that if you get one digit wrong you will be hounded like a criminal and pursued for a £60 parking charge.”

Jane Toward, aged 63, said: “People have not seen the signs and the machines have been covered up.

“It seems to be complicated and ambiguous for no reason.

“Why make it so complicated?”

Paul Rouse, 58, said: “A lot of people have had charges for various reasons.

“It is not doing Gainsborough any favours.”

Amanda Holmes, from Dransfield Properties, which owns and manages Marshall’s Yard, said: “The changes to the car parking regime at Marshall’s Yard have been widely advertised through our website, social media and through the signage which has been installed on site.

“We also have members of staff available to help explain these changes to our customers.

“However we do understand that there has been some confusion and this is, of course, a new system for our regular customers.

“We are liaising with the car park management company to ensure any customers who feel they have been wrongly fined are dealt with fairly and we are listening to the feedback we have received regarding the return time.

A spokesman for Smart Parking said there had been “a historic problem of people using the car park without paying”.

The spokesman said: “There are 13 signs across the car park which clearly highlight terms and conditions of use.”