Can you beat this top snap?

editorial image

being a man of mirth and merriment, I am always alive to the possibility that you lot may try to catch me out every once in a while.

But as they say in the grumpy corner down at my local pub – you can’t kid a kidder.

So when this fantastic shot came in from Chris Booth, I was immediately on my guard.

He says it shows the Lafarge plant at Whitwell, glistening under the recent lunar eclipse which graced our skies on 21st December – and I had absolutely no reason to doubt the credentials of this award-winning snap.

That was until one mischievous lass barked: “I reckon he got Photoshop for Christmas, and bet his mates he could make Grundi look a fool.”

So now I’m stuck between looking and feeling foolish, and not publishing a superb piece of work, purely because Worksop Guardian women are as sceptical as they come.

And so I am going to take Chris’ fantastic photograph at face value and give credit where it is due.

But can you do better than this? Do you have an eye for a show-stopping snap? Do you have what it takes to capture life through a lens?

Email your best efforts to us and we’ll publish them in a Best Photo Special.