Campaigner hopes to save memorial trees in Clowne

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A concerned resident has launched a petition to save memorial trees in Clowne which have been earmarked for the chop due to safety reasons.

Ross Walker told how he and his family planted a tree in memory of his grandfather but Clowne Parish Council put up a sign stating that ten trees on Barlborough Road including the family’s memorial tree will be removed.

Mr Walker said: “My family planted a tree in memory of George Taylor - my granddad. It was a place to go and have a chat with George and over time our grief eased.”

The council explained the trees are to be removed due to health and safety reasons because they are close to property and the decision was subject to a lengthy consultation.

But the council has offered to plant another tree elsewhere and is organising a plaque for the names of those concerned.

Council chairman Karl Reid said: “It has been more prudent to take all ten trees down and most people are okay about that.

“Sadly, we sometimes have to make decisions we do not like but it is for the good of everybody.”

Mr Walker questioned whether there are any health and safety reasons for the decision and disputes there has been any lengthy consultations.

But Mr Reid explained the council has sought expert advice and Mr Walker has been given information apart from the minutes of the council’s last meeting which have not yet been inputted. Mr Walker has organised a petition to save the trees and claims to have gathered 343 names so far to support his appeal.