“Callous” woman took over pensioner’s property and turned it into drugs hub

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A “callous” Worksop woman who targeted an elderly man before taking over his property and using it as a place to weigh and bag up drugs has been slapped with an ASBI.

Joanne Smith, aged 41, of NFA, is now forbidden from contacting the pensioner or entering certain parts of Manton due to the the Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction, which will remain in force until February 2017.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard that Smith befriended the elderly resident and moved herself into his home, using the property to weigh out and bag up drugs, as well as locking the pensioner in his own house on several occasions.

The court also heard how the complainant noticed items were going missing from his property, including £1,200 in cash over a period of five weeks.

Don Spittlehouse, managing director of A1 Housing said:“We have pursued this callous individual through the courts, and she is now banned from contacting our tenant or entering this area of Worksop.

“This is a distressing case, with an elderly tenant being targeted and taken advantage of.

“We will not tolerate this type of behaviour and I am pleased there is a power of arrest attached to this order.”

Councillor Julie Leigh, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council, said:“Nobody should have to live in fear or feel unsafe in their own home.

“We all need to look out for our neighbours. If anybody has concerns over people’s welfareor criminal activity then please report it to A1 Housing, the council or the police.”

Smith was also ordered to pay £878.60 Bassetlaw District Council to cover the cost of the application.

She is banned from entering Talbot Road, Tenby Grove, Howard Street and Shrewsbury Road in Manton.

If Smith breaches the order she will be arested and could be sent to prison for up to two years.

Anyone who sees her in these areas should contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101.